Profesional Car And Trailer Training

Professional Car and Trailer Training Options

Option 1 - 1/2 Day (4 hours) intensive car and trailer professional tuition, including extensive training trailer reversing manoeuvres with full brief on hitching up and un-hitching procedures
Price: £190.00*

Option 2 - Full Day (8 hours) intensive car and trailer training, including extensive training on trailer reversing manoeuvres and full brief on hitching up and un-hitching procedures.
Price: £300.00*

Links Driving School Option 3 - (TWO CLIENTS) Full Day (8 hours) intensive car and trailer training for two clients, including extensive training on trailer reversing manoeuvres and full brief on hitching and un-hitching procedures.
Price: £550.00*
*Price does not include the cost of the hire of the trailer, if required. You must provide your own towing vehicle.

£45.00+VAT per day
for each day trailer is required.

What Does the Car and Trailer Training Involve?

The car and trailer training (B+E) is based on the lorry driving training.

The car and trailer training (B+E) include the following:
- Vehicle show & tell safety questions
- Reversing manoeuvres (in private car park)
- A controlled stop
- Step by step uncoupling and coupling of the trailer
- Driving on the road

You won't be expected to carry out the following exercises:
- Emergency stops on the public road
- Reversing around a corner
- Reverse parking on the public road
- Turning in the road (3-point turn)

Under the new driving licence regulations (2021), if you passed your car driving test from 1 January 1997, you’ll be allowed to tow trailers up to 3,500kg MAM.

Driving License showing B+E entitlementThe regulations state: If you want to tow a trailer weighing more than 750kg, when the combined weight of the towing vehicle (car) and trailer is more than 3,500kg an additional B+E test is now no-longer required but professional training is recommended prior to towing. Links Driving School working in partnership with GT Towing to provide professional B+E car & trailer training. Clients will have to provide their own vehicle and use their own trailer if suitable or hire out the recommended size B+E Trailer for the car and trailer training, from GT Towing.

Professional Towing Training Enquiry

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Car and Trailer Training Hire Trailer

This trailer is set up and ready, meeting all DSA towing training standards and requirements. To see the car and trailer training trailer recommended requirements, see here:

The trailer hire includes: Certificated 600kg loaded weight, Spare bulbs, Tools, Hi-Viz jacket(s), Extended wing mirrors, 'L' Plates, Spare wheel & wheel brace, Traffic cones (for reversing practice)

HIRE PRICE - £45.00+VAT (per day)

Trailer Recommended Requirements for Car & Trailer Training

The trailer you use for the car and trailer training must meet certain rules as set out by the DSA.

The trailer you use should:

- Be a closed box body, such as a box / enclosed trailer.
- Be similar width and height as the car (you must only be able to see to the rear by using external mirrors, and not through the rear-view window).
- have a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) or Gross Weight (GW) of at least 1,000kg (you need proof to show the examiner, for example, the manufacturer's plate).

The MAM or GW is the limit on how much the trailer can weigh when it's loaded.

Trailer Load Recommendation for Car & Trailer Training

The trailer must carry a load of at least 600kg. The combined weight of the trailer and load must be a minimum of 800kg.

The load must be secured safely to the trailer.

The load can be either bagged aggregates weighing at least 600k (for example: sand, stone chippings or gravel (but not toxic materials)) or a 600 litre or 1,000 litre intermediate bulk container, completely full of water. The load must be clearly marked and state certified weights.

"I passed first time and it was down to you and your training. There is no way you can do this test without the training beforehand. It 's all the little things and bad habits you have which would fail the test. Thank you." Stephen

"Passed first time. Definitely needed the training. Neil was a great help and wouldn't have done it without Neil to be honest. So much more involved than I thought it was before I went for the training. I need it for work really as I tow machines around nearly every other day and be legal about it. Great, over the moon." Jordan

"I passed my test today. I needed to do the test to transport my race car from A to B. The test went really well and passed first time. Thanks to the instruction really built my confidence as I was having some issues when we first started and they were all ironed out in time so went really well, so thank you very much." Simon

"I feel amazing as I have passed my test first time and with only two driver faults. I needed the training for my work. Neil was extremely helpful telling me when I was doing things wrong and explaining things in a simple way that you could understand. To do this test you must do some training as It is not as straight forward as it may seem. Thanks again." Gary

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