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Thule Roof Boxes

Thule Roof Boxes


Thule Roof Boxes and Thule Roof Baskets, available from GT Towing in Hatfield, Hertfordshire (near London). A large selection of Thule Roof Boxes to buy, with many in-store, on display for viewing. Thule Roof Boxes are the leading Roof Box manufacturer worldwide, and offer hugely superior quality and convenience. Thule offer a large range of different size Roof Boxes, and even Thule Roof Boxes designed specifically for Ski's. Looking to gain extra space for your camping trip or holiday? We have a Thule Roof Box for you!

Thule roof boxes are a great way to increase the packing capacity of your car. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, going on a family vacation, or just need more space, a Thule Roof Box is a super versatile solution.

Thule Roof Rack

Thule Roof Racks


Thule are the worlds leading roof rack manufacturers. As well as their high quality products, having roof rack solutions for almost all car makes and models is part of the main reason for their unchallenged success in the roof rack industry.

All Thule Roof Racks and Thule Products are TÜV crash tested & approved. On top of this, Thule have also developed the Thule Test Program™. No Thule product or Thule Roof Rack will ever make it to the shop shelf without their 25 point standards test, which far exceeds that of the ISO standard.

Thule offer a range of 5 different types of roof bar, each with their own unique elements to suit different applications. As well as the range of Thule Roof Bars available, Thule also utilise a number of different ways to attach the Thule Roof Rack to your vehicle.

Thule Bike Rack Adventure

Thule Bike Racks


Thule are the world leading bike rack manufacturer for safe and secure transportation of your bikes. Our Thule towbar mounted bike racks are easy to fit and use with the option to carry upto 4 bikes on one bike carrier, they also allow full access to your boot while in situ - If you haven't got a towbar (see our towbar fitting options) for your Thule bike rack, why not try a Thule roof mounted bike rack? A Thule roof bike rack can carry your bike via a fork, frame or wheel mounted bike carrier so you get the ideal bike rack for you and your bike. we also stock a range of Thule tailgate mounted bike racks to provide a solution for any vehicle or situation.

No matter how many mountains climbed, miles biked, slopes skied, or places seen, there are always new adventures to experience. We are here to help you get there. You, your family and your friends. With your bike, your board and your gear. For long vacations and quick getaways, in search for moments to remember. Be inspired. 

Thule Roof Tent Adventure

Thule Roof Tents


For rugged overland adventures, look no further than a Thule soft-shell or hard-shell rooftop tent. These car top tents are built for any season, any condition, and mount easily on your vehicle's roof racks. 

The adventure. Rooftop tents are a unique way to experience the great outdoors, no matter the conditions. These tents are built to last. They handle bad weather better than ground tents and can be used in tricky terrain unlike RVs. 

The view. Getting up off the ground means that you have easy viewing of the beautiful scenery just outside your tent. Some roof top tents even have built-in sky panels, so you can drift off gazing at the stars.

If you’re the type of explorer who likes quick weekend getaways or a short stay at a campsite, a compact lightweight car roof tent is ideal. A Thule Roof Top Tent frees up space on the roof of your car. This makes it ideal for smaller vehicles like crossovers and wagons and means you can bring along extra equipment like a bike or kayak.

Thule Outset Towbar Tent

Thule Towbar Tent


Discover a new standard in outdoor living with the Thule Outset – the first towbar-mounted tent on the market that is tailored for comfort and designed for adventure.

The all-new Thule Outset is far from an ordinary tent; it completely redefines how a tent can be used. Simply drive up to your selected stopover, stretch out the mounting frame, unfold, and you're set for a comfortable overnight stay. Nothing could be simpler! The outset offers the advantage of a platform lifted off the floor, allowing for simpler entry and a pleasant night's sleep.

There are numerous advantages to owning a Thule Outset. It could serve as your home away from home for many years. An Outset allows you to go wherever and anytime you want. Setting up and breaking down is straightforward, taking less than 5 minutes for one person. Once the tent is ready for use, you can either leave it attached and locked to the car or you can detach it but still have it locked so you can use your vehicle with peace of mind.

Thule Sports Rack Snowpack Adventure

Thule Sports Racks


Let Thule get you to the water with a durable carrier to transport your kayak, canoe, surfboard, SUP or fishing rod. Amplify your aquatic adventures with our Water Rack Bundles. Engineered for secure transport and hassle-free explorations. 

Time to hit the slopes? Find ski and snowboard gear to get the most out of the snow! Hit the slopes and leave nothing behind with Thule ski and snowboard gear. Whether you're traveling with your skis or chasing that perfect powder day, Thule has the equipment you need.

GT Towing Adventure

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