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More than 45,000 vans are stolen each year in the UK

Here at GT Towing, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, we supply and fit highly secure commercial vehicle / van dead locks.

A deadlock operates in the same way as a standard lock on a front door. It offers a second, independent lock that is under the control of the driver. It cannot be opened remotely.

Deadlocks are a very common and popular security upgrade available for just about every van and their respective doors. We have a large and comprehensive range of Van Deadlocks available for virtually all van makes and models available in the UK.

Deadlocks are an additional mechanical method of adding much needed additional security to your van. Fitted to the van door and connecting body panel, Deadlocks work by throwing a bolt into a receiving bracket fitted to the van's internal bodywork and operated by an external key, creating an additional secure locking point to the vehicle door. These additional locking points are designed and placed in the best possible location on the door to help protect against van specific attacks.

With our aftermarket Deadlock being an additional locking point to the van, the cylinder on show acts as a visual deterrent as well as the lock itself acting as physical security. The cylinder is fronted by a high-quality black plastic escutcheon which has been UV treated/stabilised.

Straight Dead LocksSold Secure™ Hook Locks
1 x Van Door Lock£150.00£160.00
2 x Van Door Locks£260.00£280.00
3 x Van Door Locks£390.00£420.00
4 x Van Door Locks£520.00£560.00
5 x Van Door Locks£650.00£700.00

All prices include fitting and exclude VAT

Van Hook Locks

Hook Locks are the next generation of van security deadlocks. They work in the same way as straight deadlocks, but a hook style bolt is thrown and hooks into a receiving bracket, as opposed to a bolt - offering next level security.

By hooking over, in addition to throwing into, Hook Locks can offer a higher level of security making it harder to force open and potentially gain access to your van.

Our Hook Locks have been specifically designed and tested to be the strongest on the market. With a completed pull test with the lock not failing following testing of 500GK (5.0KN), we're confident they won't let you down.

Upgrade to hook locks for just £10.00+VAT per lock (available for most vans).

ULTI Lock Hooklock

Our latest line in van hooklocks offers the highest and first accredited van hooklock on the UK market. 

Tested by Sold Secure, the UK’s most recognised premier testing and certification house, the ULTI Lock Hooklock has been awarded gold standard status, the first van hooklock of its kind. 

For van owners, having ULTI Lock Hooklocks installed means you are truly maximising the security of your van with the latest solution on the market, whilst also benefitting from lower insurance premiums.

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