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Thule 568 TopRide Cycle Carrier

Part Number: 568
VAT included - Ex Vat: £187.46

Features Easily mount Thru-axle bikes (9-15mm) and standard Quick-release bikes (9 mm). Fits 20x110mm... Read More

Product Information


  •  Easily mount Thru-axle bikes (9-15mm) and standard Quick-release bikes (9 mm). Fits 20x110mm Thru-axle bikes with an additional adapter
  •  Accommodates bikes with disc brakes
  •  Fasten your bike to the fork adapter on the ground for easy mounting
  •  The bike slides into the carrier on a guided track on the fork adapter and clicks into place
  •  Convenient and easy installation of fork adapter for a secure bike fit
  •  The fork mount rack is easy and safe to mount thanks to audible and visual confirmation of correct mounting
  •  Unmount bikes from the rack easily with a release lever
  •  Safe mounting of Quick-release bikes thanks to Thule AcuTight torque limiter knob that click when optimal torque is reached
  •  Locks the bike to the bike rack and the bike rack to the roof racks
  •  Easy to switch carrier position from one side of your car to the other
  •  Adjustable protective wheel strap holds the rear wheel securely in place
  •  Mounts to all Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks

Technical specifications

Load capacity18 kg
Dimensions140 x 21 x 15.3 cm
Weight3.5 kg
Fits round frame dimensionsAll
Fits maximum oval frame dimensionsAll
Max tire width3 in
Max wheel size (diameter)29 in
Max wheelbase1250 mm
Thru-axle compatible ✓ 
Carbon frame compatible ✓ 
Carbon fork dropout compatible ✓ 
Fits roof racks with 20x20 mm T-tracks ✓ 
Fits roof racks with 24x30 mm T-tracks ✓  Adapter/s required
Fits Thule WingBar Evo ✓ 
Fits Thule WingBar Edge ✓ 
Fits Thule WingBar ✓ 
Fits Thule ProBar ✓ 
Fits Thule SquareBar ✓  Adapter/s required
Fits Thule SlideBar ✓ 
One Key System compatible ✓ 
Model number568001
Tech Specs
Technical specifications
Load capacity 18 kg
Dimensions 140 x 21 x 15.3 cm
Weight 3.5 kg
Fits round frame dimensions All
Fits maximum oval frame dimensions All
Max tire width 3 in
Max wheel size (diameter) 29 in
Max wheelbase 1250 mm
Thru-axle compatible ✓
Carbon frame compatible ✓
Carbon fork dropout compatible ✓
Fits roof racks with 20x20 mm T-tracks ✓
Fits roof racks with 24x30 mm T-tracks ✓ Adapter/s required
Fits Thule WingBar Evo ✓
Fits Thule WingBar Edge ✓
Fits Thule WingBar ✓
Fits Thule ProBar ✓
Fits Thule SquareBar ✓ Adapter/s required
Fits Thule SlideBar ✓
One Key System compatible ✓
Colour Black
Model number 568001
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